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Sheneshia F.

I have been wanting to invest in real estate for years but wasn't sure of what avenue to take until I received information about this investment club. There was no need to take time to think about this one, I took the leap and I'm glad I did. So far I have invested in 4 deals, with one closing this week! There is no way I would get the same return on my investment with my money just sitting in the bank. Also the inspiration, encouragement and celebration among the other investors is unmatched. Don't wait! What's the old saying, "you think long, you think wrong," don't let that be you. I'll see you in the investment group.

Linda E.

This investment club is the real deal. I’ve already invested in 4 deals two have returned, one in process of return and one a few months away. I’m starting as a small investor but my money is making me money. By Lisa having the connects she has she puts her reputation on the line and NOT ONE investment has been lost. I’m in for year two and it’s only up from here. Money sitting in the bank is only making the bank money not me. Done with that! Get in while the getting is good, glad I got my spot!

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