2 Week Money Mastermind

Master the Art of Money Manifesting and Meditation

Step-by-step guidance to master the art of manifesting money and meditation.  In-depth teaching to learn how to apply each step of manifestation to produce massive results.

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Learn How To Attract Limitless Abundance, And Remove Your Money Mindset Blocks


Most negative money mindset beliefs have been developed from our upbringing.  They are usually adopted from family, friends, the media, or the company we keep.

Most people aren't intentional about their mindset towards money, and because of this we deem whatever mindset we have as normal. 

How can you change what you don't know exists?  The good news is that there are certainly ways to discover and change the mindset blocks that are holding you back from receiving abundance and the blessings that are intended for you.

It's so much easier to attain wealth and abundance when you are aware of how healthy your money mindstate is.  You cannot manage and be intentional about maintaining a healthy money mindset if you don't know what your roadblocks are and how to remove them.

Imagine being fully aware of your money mindset health, and knowing how to control the toxic thoughts that arise.  



➕ Identify bad money practices or habits that you have

➕ Identify where and how your mindset blocks were formed

➕ Learn how to control negative thoughts that repel wealth

➕ Remove bad habits that give life to your money mindset blocks

➕ Experience more financial income, opportunities, and start attracting the network you desire

➕ Avoid passing along your mindset blocks to your family and those around you

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"I didn't know how much I needed to detox my mind of the way I viewed money, and what I felt deserved."

-Adrianne M

Identifying Your Money Mindset Blocks Is A Must In Building Generational Wealth 

Lisa's Story

Lisa spent 15+ years of her career in direct support to ultra-high-net-worth executives (multi-billionaires), managing projects for some of the most highly influential individuals in the world.  Admiring the lives they had created for themselves, she seized the opportunity to learn exactly how they were able to manifest and attract the lives of their dreams.  It surprises most that, just three years ago, Lisa was struggling financially and left with over $55K of debt after a difficult divorce. Odds against her, this single mother of four and very passionate entrepreneur, tapped into all that she had learned and turned everything around.  Lisa not only manifested large amounts of money and began attracting wealth, but she attracted the love of her life and is on the fast track to incredible financial success with a thriving business. In February 2020, Lisa launched the Millionaire Morning Mama community in order to teach women how to reprogram their subconscious mind to attract life-changing abundance and master their financial outcomes in just 30 days!  Combining her background in business ownership and financial freedom with her 10+ years of experience mentoring female entrepreneurs and business owners, Lisa's MMM community is a perfect fusion of her expertise, experiences, and heart for women from all walks of life.

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Don't Pass Along The Money Mindset Blocks That Have Held You Back

We all want to leave behind a legacy that will help our loved ones flourish.  Unlike those who may have unintentionally contributed to your mindset blocks, you can help form positive mindset practices and beliefs for those around you to live in abundance and attract the life they truly desire.  A deep dive into your own mindset is a generous way to assure that you are setting your loved ones up for success and generational wealth building.

Your 3 Step Journey to Smashing A Negative Money Mindset

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Watch and Learn

Watch your course and apply the teachings.  Identify your money mindset blocks and learn how to remove them.




Remove Your Blocks and Start Attracting Money

Complete your transformation and start attracting financial abundance on a whole new level.  Pass on what you've learned to your loved ones, and set others free from what's holding them back.


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What You Will Learn?

• How to identify your mindset blocks

• How to reprogram your mind and turn negative thoughts into positive energy

• How to protect your inner peace

• How to remove limiting beliefs 

• How to stay consistently emotionally healthy

You No Longer Have To Feel Stuck Financially

Join our community of women who have reprogrammed their minds and are building an impactful legacy for their families.  Remove your mindset blocks and start experiencing abundance.

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