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Get access to Lisa's blueprint to making over $100K in ONE year.  Learn from industry experts in Real Estate, Stock Market Trading, Cryptocurrency Investing, Forex, and much more.   This masterclass will completely transform your mindset to attract abundance while providing the educational resources you need to build wealth and an impactful legacy.

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How She Went From $8K In Debt To Paying Off Her Car Almost 2 Years Early...


In Less Than 30 Days!

How She Manifested Over $200K in Less Than a Year

How She Manifest Over $4K of Unexpected Money in Weeks

How She's Experiencing A Life-Changing Transformation

I'm Ready For Financial Abundance

What's the difference between celebrities like Oprah and Jeff Bezos who use meditation and manifestation techniques? 


You might have heard about manifestation and attracting money seemingly out of nowhere before…


Maybe you’ve heard of manifesting or the law of attraction before...


But why does manifesting and the law of attraction seem to work for everyone but you?


Or why does it seem like it's working but at a snail pace?


I’m sure you know what I mean…


You might even be nodding your head right now asking yourself those same questions… I know I have…


I’ve been through alot of highs and lows throughout my life.


I had to fend for myself by the time I was 14 years old. Jumping from couch to to school…


Broken dreams, broken relationships, the death of my mother, and the absence of my father…


The list goes on and on…


It was pretty hard NOT to feel like there was a dark cloud hanging over me following me everywhere I went.


I’ve had so many experiences that shaped me to the woman I am today, and let me tell you something…


Everything you’re probably feeling right now or thinking...I’ve felt those very same feelings. Those very same doubts.


And even throughout all the dark skies, you can’t help but to keep searching…


There’s this nagging feeling in your gut that’s telling you something is missing… You’re on the verge of a breakthrough or you can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. 


Just one missing piece to the puzzle that would be the life changing transformation you’ve been feeling so close to...


And after years of studying, researching, and rewiring my mindset…


I got the life changing transformation I was searching for so long


Which is why I’m so confident that what you’re about to learn will transform your life and finances too! (more on that in a second)


This breakthrough allowed me to go from a broke 18 year old single mom who had to “figure it out real quick”... To creating my own financial freedom and finally taking ownership of my own life


From being left with over $55k in debt after a painfully difficult divorce…


To manifesting the wealth and lifestyle I’ve always dreamt of...Not only for myself but for my FAMILY...


Well one of the biggest reasons is action!


Once you get your mindset to the right state to manifest wealth…


The universe starts lining up the right opportunities for you…




You have to take action on those opportunities. And, as with anything else, the right actions lead you to where you want to be.


Which in this case is financially prosperous in the truest sense. 

It’s not enough to have wealth…


In order to be truly prosperous and live in the abundance you desire, you need to BECOME that person…


The type of person who:


  • Has their mindset free from financial limiting beliefs
  • Recognizes opportunities when they arise 
  • Or creates opportunities seemingly out of thin air
  • Has the understanding and know how to KEEP the wealth they generate (why most lotto winners end up broke within months of winning millions)

Perseverance in this journey is key. Staying with your head up when it feels like manifesting doesn't work. And keep on keeping on when there are highs and lows.


Its not easy, and it might take years of learning.


Just like it took me…


It took years of putting the puzzle pieces together, building the right network to help me become the abundant me I knew I could be…


Which is how I figured out how to slingshot your wealth manifestation results tenfold…


It's a pretty simple formula, but the good news is you don't need to spend years or thousands of dollars to figure it out…


It’s 1 part mindset and manifestation, 1 part inspired action, and 1 part having the right resources


That's what this mastermind is all about…


You’ve come this far in working on your mindset and manifesting what you dream of…


Through this mastermind, you’ll connect with the right people and learn the right skills to be able to create opportunities seemingly out of thin air. 


It’s like a cheat code that slingshots you straight to abundance faster than ever before. 


Through the network in this mastermind, you’ll learn the various skills needed to not only become wealthy but STAY wealthy


Learn these priceless skills from some of the top people in their industry


It's like a college degree of financial abundance. Each leader taking you by the hand while you work your way to your first $100K…

I'm Ready For Financial Abundance

What You'll Learn

  • How to Program Your Mind to Manifest Abundance and Start Making More Money
  • How to Stay Highly Motivated  and Remove The Doubts and Fears That Have You Stuck
  • How to Remove Your Old Limiting Beliefs and Install New Empowering Ones
  • How to Build an Effective Morning Routine In Order to Start Each Day Off In A Healthy Head Space
  • How to Stay in Control of Negative Thoughts and Emotions and Not Allow Them To Take You Off Course
  • How to Identify Profitable Short and Long Term Investments In:
    • Real Estate
    • Wholesale House Flips
    • Stock Market Trading
    • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • How to Meditate Like a Master and Remain Balanced
  • How to Improve Your Health and Wellness
  • How to Create your ideal image
    • Fashion
    • Makeup
I'm Ready To Get Started

What are you waiting for?

Join this exclusive training to start that cashflow and transform your life!

Pave Your Way To $100K

Meet The Educators:


Bradley Munroe

Real Estate Investor


What you will learn:

  • How to Make Your Property Flipping Strategy Recession Proof (And How To Thrive During a Pandemic)
  • Real World Secrets of No Money Down Investing
  • How to spot extremely profitable “Hidden” Deals In Any Market (And How to Keep Costs At A Minimum While Doing So)
  • Why Positioning Yourself As A Trusted Authority Figure In Your Market Will Have Prospects Flocking To You (Instead Of You Chasing Them)
  • Close Deals Effortlessly And Consistently With This Proven Power Team


About the speaker:

Brad Munroe is an author, entrepreneur, and self-taught real estate investor who has flipped over 200 properties. 

He is the founder and CEO of The REI Freedom Club, an online platform that provides educational content, resources, and coaching to both new and seasoned investors.  

For real estate investment advice, check out Brad's book "The Secret Is Out: How New Real Estate Investors Can Win" available on Amazon.

Jatali Bellanton

Financial Investment Educator, Author, Entrepreneur


What you will learn:

  • Stock Market 101 (Behind The Scenes Knowledge From a Former Forensic Accountant And Investment Banker)
  • How To Step Towards Growth While Also Eliminating Costs
  • How To Sift Through “Good Looking” Investments And Find The Real Winners
  • The Long Game vs The Short Game (And How to Win At Both)

About the speaker:

After 9 years in investment banking, and 4.5 years in forensic accounting, Jatali decided to leave the corporate world in order to share her years of financial experience to help the young and ambitious gain business knowledge to build successful careers from
doing what they love which has formed into 3 years of her teaching youth in various
school systems.

Among her corporate business accomplishments, Jatali restructured and managed accounting departments towards multi-million-dollar profits and clientele growth while lowering costs. She helped companies survive global shifts towards online business by
implementing new software programs to replace outdated communication. As a financial
consultant for a medical practice, she increased profit margins by 42% in just one year.
In March 2015, Jatali gave birth to her first child, which, little did she know, would lead
her to create a youth financial literacy initiative by the name Kids Who Bank. The limited
offerings of financial literacy books for children, when in search for her son, inspired her
to write a story formatted finance book for youth, and also create a finance curriculum,
thus starting her journey of becoming an entrepreneur.
In Kids Who Bank, Jatali strives to inspire children to continue following their dreams.
She is passionate about combining her business expertise with her desire to give all
children a fair chance to succeed in life.

Jatali has donated over $6,000 to schools worldwide to help students pay for their
education, school supplies, backpacks, and books. She is committed to incorporating
financial and business education into school curricula.
Also notable, she was awarded the 2019 New York State Mother Of The Year award.
Jatali coordinated the “2nd Annual Kidpreneur Awards Gala" on April 7th, 2019,
recognizing the entrepreneurial and philanthropic pursuits of bright minds across the

Tricia Nicastro

Mental Health & EFT Practitioner


What you will learn:

  • How To Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) To Explore Deep Rooted Self Limiting Beleifs 
  • How to Recognize Money Mindset Limitations And Change That Almost Instantly (With Just a Few Taps)
  • Why Practicing Radical Self-Acceptance Can Slingshot You Forward Towards Embracing Wealth
  • Balance Your Energy And Improve Your Health Through 9 Specific Pathways

About the speaker:

Greetings, my name is Tricia Nicastro. I have many meaningful roles that include titles such as:

Mother, wife, survivor, healer, Mental Health EFT Practitioner.

I have provided 20 years of
aid in the field of mental health and human services, working with many diverse populations.

Lacy Bell


What you will learn:

  • The MUST HAVE Contracts You Need As A Startup (Most Businesses Get This Wrong And Pay Dearly For It)
  • How To Choose The Right Business Structure For Your Needs
  • Understanding Trademarks/Intellectual Property (This Could Save You Thousands Of Dollars)
  • The Exact Contracts You Need To Save Yourself From Future Headaches (They Will Come If You Don’t Have This In Place)

About the speaker:


Attorney Lacy Bell is a corporate and commercial real estate attorney and the founder of
Bell Legal Consulting Firm, an Atlanta-based law firm specialized in startups and small businesses.

Attorney Bell is a graduate of Spelman College and Emory University School of Law. Her experience includes drafting and negotiating multi-million-dollar
commercial contracts, private placement memorandums, and advising tech startups nationwide from incorporation through raising capital.

Before leaving her associate position at a corporate law firm and opening her law practice, Lacy began her legal career in the legal department of the Atlanta Beltline, Inc., the largest urban
redevelopment initiative in the country, where she gained her knowledge of complex
business and real estate transactions then continued in-house with an international
tech/telecom company and Emory University where she managed multi-million-dollar
federal contracts and grants.


Jan Mcgreggor

Real Estate Asset Investor


What you will learn:


  • The Most Important Things To Look For In A Rental (What Most Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You)
  • The Often Overlooked Place To Find The Best Private Money Lenders
  • How To Pick Out The Best Properties To Flip
  • What You Should Do With Your Investment Money That Guarantees Your Assets Will Grow (And So Will Your Net Worth)

About the speaker:

Jan purchased her first duplex at 28 years old. She was married with two small children at the time. She became a licensed Real Estate Broker at 31, and at 32, had 3 kids and
4 properties. 

A year later, Jan was facing divorce and was left with no properties, no child support and full financial responsibility while only earning commission as her income.

Jan remained a single mom for 6 years and was able to rebuild her life and gained 12 properties during this time.  At 40, Jan remarried, and her husband (at that time)
decided he did not want to be a landlord, so Jan agreed to sell all the properties over a 2 year period. At 43, she gave birth to her son and opened a real estate brokerage company with her husband.

Unfortunately, he proceeded to do the exact opposite of what she advised and got them into debt investing in things that she didn’t agree with. After 19 years of an estranged marriage, Jan finally decided to move out of a toxic situation but there was one catch.
He had accumulated a debt of $300,000 that had to be paid off to finalize the divorce.  
It took Jan 3 years to be free from this toxic marriage, but she did it! In 2015, Jan paid
off the $300,000 debt and was able to begin rebuilding her life, for the third time.

moved into a rental property that her daughter didn’t want, rehabbed it, sold it, and split
the proceeds with her daughter.  She also purchased a 4-unit complex and rehabbed it
in 2016. From there, she moved into a HUD foreclosure. She rehabbed most of it by the
end of 2016. 

In January 2017, Jan was visiting 3 of her children in Las Vegas (their home town). She
had hernia surgery that put her in the hospital about 1 week post op with a body full of
blood clots. There was a clot busting procedure that the doctors didn’t expect Jan to
survive. Once again, Jan beat the odds, but not without immense struggle and a fierce

She spent a week in the ICU and 3 weeks on the surgical floor before
she was released into her daughter’s care. She spent another 3 months learning to walk
again and through much rehab and faith, regained her strength. By the time she
returned home, she was hemorrhaging money. 

She sold her 4-unit complex to an investor to get back to ground level financially. Jan then purchased two small houses and did a flip. With the proceeds, she paid off the
debt on one of the rentals, began flipping 2-3 houses a year (and with each house she
flipped), she purchased or paid off another rental.  Slowly, her net worth grew.
Today, Jan owns 5 single family homes (5 are paid for), a 4-unit apartment building and
is in the process of finishing a flip. Her net worth is close to $800,000, and she is on
course to get to a million by the end of the year. Jan has enough residual income to
retire if she wanted to, but clearly, she would be bored!

Jan works with new and seasoned investors. She owns a property management
company and has begun to wholesale properties.  She keeps an active Brokers license
and absolutely loves all of her endeavors. Jan has two daughters that are beginning to
invest in real estate, and she couldn’t be more proud of them.

Shondel Doby

Personal Financial Advisor


What you will learn:

  • Identifying What Financial Independence Means To You
  • Seeing Your Current Reality
  • The Rarely Talked About Methods To Build Wealth
  • “Rule 72” And What It Means To You
  • The 3 Types Of Savings Accounts Every Wealthy Person Has (And Why You Should Have Them Too)
  • How To Protect Your Income (Yes Income Protection Really Is A Thing)
  • The Pitfalls Of Life Insurance And How To Avoid Them
  • The Almost Instant Way To Pay Off Your Debt Without Hurting Your Credit 

About the speaker:

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Shondel started her business in the financial services industry 2013.

Both her parents are from Guyana in South America and came here for a better life and wanted her to go to college. She knew she would have to figure out how to pay for school and was always an athlete and played soccer since she was 9years old.

That paid off when she got a full soccer scholarship to play Division 1 Soccer at University of Richmond in VA and played in World Cup Qualifying games for Guyana.

She graduated with her Biology degree and decided to go down the veterinary medicine route. But God had different plans for her life. After a year of working at the vet clinic, she got bit by a dog on her face and had to have surgery. That was eye opening and is what catapulted the career change at the early age of 22. Instead of going back to school to incur any type of student loan debt, she listened to her dad who was a client of a large financial firm and decided to get her license to start her own business.

She is now fully certified with a Life, Health & Annuities license as well as Series 6, Series 63, and Series
26 for the mutual fund investments industry. She has a brokerage firm with over 65 licensed agents with her husband in Tysons Corner, VA, and services clients nationally.
She has been awarded the top brokerage firm in the DMV for many years and continues to work hard for her clients and team.

Shondel has a passion for working with average middle-income families to give them the opportunity to have access to financial planning and education, since most of the time only the wealthy can access those services from a professional.

Shondel’s agency is mainly comprised of strong independent women who many times are mom’s just looking to accomplish financial independence. Shondel currently resides in Herndon, Virginia with her husband of 4 years.

Shevvy Mac

Certified Holistic Nutritionist And Personal Trainer


What you will learn:

  • The Real Path To Self Reflection (and Why Most People Avoid It)
  • Identifying Your Mindset Type (And How To Change It)
  • Behavioral Red Flags To Watch For That Impact Your Health More Than You Think
  • Real World Nutrition Tips For Everyday People
  • Why Fitness Isn’t The Chore People Think It Is
  • How Your Environment Is Shaping You Without You Even Realizing It
  • Proven Goal Setting Techniques That Work Time and Time Again

About the speaker:

Shevvy Mac is the CEO of MAC Wellness; she is a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer who teaches women how to release their anxiety naturally.

She has developed weight loss systems to help women rebuild self-confidence and to start living life on their own terms.

Shevvy is a mom of three beautiful children, and she has been proudly serving in the United States Air Force for nineteen plus years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on being resilient and overcoming life and
professional challenges.

Shevvy suffered from anxiety at one point in her life, but she turned to a holistic approach after taking medication for thirty days and realizing she did not want to be dependent on it. As a result of implementing a holistic approach through a more natural process,

Shevvy has been anxiety-free for the last five years. She is now helping women experience the same freedom.

Amanda Smith

Personal Beauty Coach & Professional Makeup Artist


What you will learn:

 Flawless Face Master Class

  • How to go from pillow face to camera ready in less than 30 min
  • The best skin prep for EVERY skin type (DON'T get this wrong)
  • The perfect skin matching formula 
  • How to correct and conceal even the most troublesome problem areas
  • The art of brozing and contouring (What IG makeup artists won't teach you)
  • How to shape the perfect eyebrows using this one little tool
  • My rolodex of must haves in your makeup arsenal
  • Plus your very own customized prodcut list to revamp your routine 


About the speaker:

Amanda has been a makeup artist for over 10 years in the NYC area.

Her passion for beauty and educating women evolved into a beauty coaching
career where she helps countless women elevate their beauty routines.

As a college graduate in Fashion Marketing, Amanda has extensive experience in the beauty and fashion industry. She embodies the patience and skill to work with all people from different walks of life. Her skillful eye and graceful
instruction lead her to be a phenomenal teacher and inspiration to women all
over the world. 

Amanda is also active in the beauty scene as a makeup artist
for photoshoots and special events. Amanda is a continuous learner,
mastering her field with the latest beauty techniques that propel her to offer
her clients the best quality service.

Adrianne Monroe

Personal Stylist


What you will learn:

  • Understanding What Style Means To YOU (and How to Uncover Your Own Unique Style)
  • Why Elevating Your Style Will Elevate Your Life 
  • Figuring Out Your Style Roadblocks (The True Things That Hold Back Your Dream Style)
  • The 1 Style Exercise That Breaks Past Your Limiting Beliefs (Without Having To Feel Uncomfortable While Doing It)
  • Bonus “Homework” Tasks That Give You Actionable Steps To Revamp Yourself ASAP

About the speaker:


Born and raised in NYC, Adrianne began her journey in the fashion and design industry more than a decade ago in 2008, when she created a custom fashion jewelry collection,
which was worn by celebrities and seen on New York Fashion Week runways.  Her
obsession with fashion and style was born during her teen years when she began her
career as an indie singer/songwriter and performed on many stages across the world.
She used her personal style to tell her story even before singing a note. In 2015,
Adrianne started Fabulous Mom Makeovers, a makeover experience where she provided

complete style makeovers for deserving moms in the Maryland/DC area. Since then,
Adrianne’s passion for empowering women to look and feel their best from the inside
out through style has allowed her to work with all types of women, especially helping
women entrepreneurs gain more confidence in their appearance, discover their personal
brand style, and create a wardrobe they love.  Adrianne currently resides in Maryland
with her husband Brad and two sons, Trey and Tristan.

Katie Potratz

Certified Hypnotherapist & Bio-Energy Practioner


What you will learn:

  • Why Hypnotherapy Is The Fastest Route To The Subconscious Mind (Why everything you thought you knew about hypnosis is wrong)
  • Understanding Your Subconscious Mind’s Self Worth and How It Ties Into Your Business Success
  • At Home Hypnosis Recording Sessions To Recondition Your Subconscious Mind To Financial Abundance 

About the speaker:

Katie is a Hypnotherapist and Bio-Energy Practitioner guiding women to heal mentally,
emotionally and physically by working holistically with their subconscious and bio-energetics.
Katie is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a specialty in Medical Hypnotherapy for
Chronic Illness and Disease, as well as an EFT Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and Certified
Energy Worker. She guides women on a deeply transformational journey of clearing out limiting
beliefs and outdated programming in their subconscious, healing their inner child and resolving
the emotional wounds that are weighing them down. She combines this subconscious
reconditioning with an energetic release and clearing of their bio-energetic field for a holistic
approach to wellness. Katie is very passionate about self-healing, and therefore, encourages
individuals to work on their own blocks by teaching them techniques to clear their bio-energetic
field and reprogram their limiting beliefs. Katie serves women from all over the world, guiding
them through anxiety, depression, overwhelm, trauma, low self-esteem and even chronic illness.

Kathleen Abouzeide

Entrepreneur & Crypto Investor


What you will learn:

  • Cryptocurrency 101 (It’s Not As Complicated As You Think)
  • Why It’s Here To Stay, And Why You NEED To Learn It
  • How To Get Started In Crypto (Wallets and Legers)
  • How to Ensure Your Crypto Assets Are Protected
  • Where To Find FREE Starter Coins
  • The Best Way To Stay Educated (With How Fast Crypto Is Growing, You’ll Need To Stay Ahead of The Curve)

About the speaker:

Kathleen is a CT native who decided to go south.  She spent her early 20’s impacting
lives of children on the spectrum and enjoyed every moment of it. She was first introduced to the concept of WiFi money about a year and a half ago when looking for a second stream of income.

Little did she know that she was going to be exposed to several. Kathleen trades in the foreign exchange market, does HFX and invests in crypto all from the comfort of her home. What started off as a second stream has quickly become her first. She has a whole different view on money.

When Kathleen is
not learning and compounding her money, she is eagerly sharing these valuable
skillsets who those around her.

I'm Ready To Start

Led by:

Lisa Easton

Money Mindset Coach


"If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand"

-Bob Proctor


Lisa spent 15+ years of her career in direct support to ultra-high-net-worth executives (multi-billionaires), managing projects for some of the most highly influential individuals in the world. 

Admiring the lives they had created for themselves, she seized the opportunity to learn exactly how they were able to manifest and attract the lives of their dreams. 


It surprises most that, just three years ago, Lisa was struggling financially and left with over $55K of debt after a difficult divorce. Odds against her, this single mother of four and very passionate entrepreneur, tapped into all that she had learned and turned everything around.  Lisa not only manifested large amounts of money and began attracting wealth, but she attracted the love of her life and is on the fast track to incredible financial success with a thriving business. 


In February 2020, Lisa launched the Millionaire Morning Mama community in order to teach women how to reprogram their subconscious minds to attract life-changing abundance and master their financial outcomes in just 30 days! 


Combining her background in business ownership and financial freedom with her 10+ years of experience mentoring female entrepreneurs and business owners, Lisa's MMM community is a perfect fusion of her expertise, experiences, and heart for women from all walks of life.



Grab Your Spot Now and Get These FREE Bonuses:


BONUS #1: Meditation Workshop


What You Get:


    • How to harness the power of your current brainwaves to start getting results TODAY (even if you've NEVER meditated before)


    • The common thing that EVERYBODY does that robs you of your manifestations and life-changing thought patterns…(plus how to instantly correct it)


    • Unique meditation strategies that instantly remove the mental roadblocks that keep you from lasting life changes 


    • Why your body is in charge of more of your mind than you think (and how to get your mind back in charge)


    • Master how to change your brainwaves and enter your subconscious (your operating system) and make REAL and LASTING changes


    • Develop TRUE awareness of what's going on in your inner world helps you act (not react) to curves that life throws at you.


Bonus #2:

Intuitive Forex Trading Secrets 


What You Get:

  • 2 Live trading orientation sessions.
    • Setup and fund your brokerage account
    • Learn Lisa's trading strategy
  • Exclusive Access to Lisa's Millionaire Money Moves Tribe.  Learn Lisa's trading strategy that has brought in a profit of $50K (4,900% Return) in less than 6 months.  And connect with her tribe who she has led to making similar profits.

Bonus #3:

Three Live Group Q&A Strategy Sessions


What You Get:

Let's get personal!  Get 3 live group Q&A sessions with Lisa, where she will answer any questions you have and provide expert advice and direction on how to level up your mindset, money, and motivation.  No matter where you are in your journey, these sessions will accelerate your growth and give you the clarity you need to crush your goals and become the person you desire to be much faster.

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Sign Up Today:


The Entire Academy Course Line Up: ($8,600 Value)

The Millionaire Morning Mama's Academy Led by Lisa Easton
  • Bradley Munroe
  • Jatali Bellanton 
  • Tricia Nicastro 
  • Lacy Bell
  • Jan McGregor 
  • Shondel Doby 
  • Shevvy Mac 
  • Amanda Smith 
  • Adrianne Monroe 
  • Katie Potratz 
  • Kathleen Abouzeide 


Bonus #1- Manifest Meditation Workshop ($299 Value)




Bonus #2- Three Live Group Q&A Strategy Sessions with Lisa



Total Value: $9,597

Get It ALL Right Now

(Exclusively For Waitlist)

ONLY $1,747


All The Tools You Need To Start Building A Legacy of Wealth and Fulfillment

You deserve to live a life that excites you and makes your soul feel free!  STOP experencing lack and START Living an Abundant Life.  You owe it to yourself, your family and your future!

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One Time Payment

  •  Save $700 (For Waitlist Only)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Community Support
  • Three Live Group Q&A Strategy Sessions with Lisa
  • Meditation Workshop

Payment Plan


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  • Save $447 (For Waitlist Only)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Community Support
  • Three Live Group Q&A Strategy Sessions with Lisa
  • Meditation Workshop